Ningbo Kaabo Technology Co.,Ltd located in Ningbo City, is an professional technology company in research and development for various hardwares, innovative items, intelligent electronic products and so on.Abiding by the principle of "people-centered" and through our effort ,Ningbo Kaabo Technology Co.,Ltd have been expanding our business very quickly. Now we have a group of qualified R&D engineers, experienced sales and management team. Also we own the advanced production techniques in order that our product research are always following the development trend tightly.By means of excellent sales team and based on mature technology, so many fashion &new innovative items have become very popular at home and abroad. Moreover, around 40% of the products are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and other developed countries.At present, there are 5 kinds of attractive items with stong-function and attractive shape coming out in the market under Brand of "Kaabo ". And now we have a good business-relationship with 60 well-known enterprises from all the world.Also welcome to your visit and cooperation in near future!



AIR 300 Kaabo
Doba dodání 25 - 35 dnů
od 18 400 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka AIR 300, 300W, 36V, 4.4Ah, 7.8Ah (skládací)

Kód: 17354/BIL
od 52 400 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11  5400W (dva motory), 60V, 26Ah, 35Ah (LG) (skládací)

Kód: 17309/240
mantis2 2
Kaabo Mantis 2, 500W
Na objednávku
35 200 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka Manis 2 , 500W , 48V, 13Ah (skládací)

Kód: 17384
44 700 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka Manis 3000, 3000W (dva motory 1000W) , 60V, 17.5Ah (skládací)

Kód: 17342
WW 11 2A charger
Nabíječka pro Wolf Warrior 11
Doba dodání 14 dnů
od 2 900 Kč

Nabíječka pro e-koloběžku Wolf Warrior 11

Kód: 17423/60V
SkyWalker 10H Kaabo 800W
Doba dodání 14 dnů
34 300 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka SkyWalker 10H 800W, 48V, 15,6 Ah (skládací)

Kód: 17321/BIL
SkyWalker 8H Kaabo 500W
Doba dodání 14 dnů
30 000 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka SkyWalker 8H, 500W, 48V, 13Ah (skládací)

Kód: 17324/BIL
skW8s 11
SkyWalker 8S Kaabo
Na objednávku
29 400 Kč

Elektrokoloběžka SkyWalker 8S, 800W, 48V, 13Ah (skládací)

Kód: SKW8S
8 položek celkem

Stránka 1 z 1 - 8 položek celkem